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Top 3 Ways I Like to Use RiMEND

Honestly, when I say RiMEND is an All-In-One Skincare. That is what I truly mean. There are endless methods of use for the products and I am constantly figuring out new ways all of the time! However, I am going to give you my top 3 ways I personally like to use RiMEND for myself! So without anymore fluff, let's jump right to it!

1. Day and Night Cream

This will probably always be my absolute favorite way to use RiMEND as it has completely replaced any other skincare routine that I have ever used, (and I have used many.)

You can make it as simple as one step! As a mom of three, and soon to be four, I really appreciate a more simplistic and beautiful lifestyle. This one step process allows me to care for my skin in the most effective and easy way possible while still keeping it time sensitive! Forever a fan of that!

2. All-Over Moisturizer

There is nothing better, at least to me, than getting out of the shower and lathering up with RiMEND! I literally just slap it on all over my body. Since I normally put it on the night before, that next morning I don't feel ashy or like I need to put more on. It hydrates so deeply and well that it will last me a solid 24 hours which is nice for summer!

3. Makeup Remover and Primer

Not having cluttered cabinets, drawers, or counter space was a must for us. Being able to dwindle down all the skincare products I used into one was a game changer! The fact that it is the best makeup remover I have ever used is an added bonus! I will normally, before I take a shower, put some of the Aurora Lather on my face full of makeup, and wipe clean with a damp microfiber cloth. It is so quick, easy, and hydrating! I still put more on after my shower so it can just work more of its magic throughout the night! Using as a primer, I will just put the RiMEND on, a little goes a long way, and give it three to five minutes to set before I start applying my makeup. Gives a very natural dewy look when I use just my BB cream!

The uses are limitless for this non-toxic product! I always think of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where the dad will put windex on anything to fix it. That's how I feel about RiMEND. Bug bites, diaper rash, weird skin irritation... Put some RiMEND on it!

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