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5 Common Reasons For Emotional Eating And How To Take Control

1. Fear of Change - You may be scared to step out of your comfort zone. You've convinced yourself you cannot achieve health goals and this causes you to feel inadequate which can then lead to number two.

2. Negative Body Image - Many women struggle with this. Even if you are not in an identity crisis, you can fall back into the trap of criticizing yourself without realizing it. How do you cope with hating what you see in the mirror and talking negatively toward yourself? You eat.

3. Self Sabotage Driven by Doubt- Maybe you are one who really wants to change. You really want to get healthy feeling this will help you live a meaningful and purpose driven life. All the negative things you have been telling yourself for years (example: you are an emotional eater) sends you back to old habits. If you keep speaking that over yourself, you will always be under that label. Words are powerful. Speak life, not death

4. Boredom - Many people fall into this trap. Boredom. You don't have a lot to do these days, or even on your days off from a busy life, at the end of the day, you just eat. What else is there to do?

5. Lack of Intimacy - You may have no support system. Or maybe you have a support system in place but you are too afraid to reach out to ask for support and accountability. This is when food becomes your best friend who is always there when you need it.

Awareness is key. Once you have identified the source of the problem you can go about fixing it and taking control of your life again.

I personally can fall into the boredom and self - sabotage trap. Especially if I'm being lazy and just binge watching tv shows (which is not a bad thing if you just do it sometimes). I will just mindlessly eat without even being hungry. I find myself self-sabotaging when I am at "that time of the month." I say things like, "I am on my period it's normal." Periods make girls emotional. Known fact. The hard part is taking control of those emotions rather than them control you for a week every month.

It can be a hard truth placing yourself in one of these categories. You may even think you are not in one of these categories and I hope you are not, but take a look at your life. Are you stuck in the same place? Living a "less than" best life? Maybe you are successful in your job but you are not fulfilled. What I want you to understand though is this. These categories do not define you. Yes, they may be reasons you are not going for your goals and reaching for the stars, but they don't have to be hanging over your head anymore. Take control. Speak up. Talk to someone about it. If you are afraid to talk to a friend, I am always up to talk. I'll be that friend that will support you to your goals even if you feel you cannot reach them. Message me. I mean it. You have the tools and the abilities to do so. Speak positivity over yourself. You are capable. Now take control. You got this.

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