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5 "Anywhere" Exercises For Your "Can't Workout, Too Busy" Days

We all know there are many days when you can't get to the gym or go for that run you planned on going on. I mean, we've all been there once or twice right? One Hundred times in my case, but who's really counting? Anyway, I have compiled a list of exercises that are quick, simple, and can be done right in your living room! So really, there's no excuse. You have the list, you know it's short and simple, now get your booty into gear girl! Since there are only 5 exercises, and they are paced differently, I suggest setting a timer for each individual exercise. Tabata timers are my go-to for short workouts like this. You can perform each exercise for, let's say, 30 seconds each with a 10-second break to get ready for the next exercise. This way you are constantly moving and keeping your heart rate up since it will be a short and sweet workout. Repeat the five exercises 3-5 times.

1. Squats - Big shocker right? Honestly, there are so many variations of squats that you could do. If you really wanted a leg burner, you could even do a 5-minute squat workout with all the different types of squats. Hey, I just gave myself another blog post. Go me! For the time being, let's just pretend these are regular squats. - Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart - Focus on keeping good posture with your shoulders back, toes always pointed straight forward. - Perform the squat, paying close attention to your knees, making sure they do not go over your toes. I know this can be difficult for most, so as an alternative, you can perform the squat against the wall with your back against a stability ball.

2. Mountain Climbers - While in the Plank position, focus on tightening your tummy muscles and breathing while performing the exercise. - Keeping your bum down so you are always near starting position, rapidly switch legs bringing your knees to your chest.

3. Lay-Down Push-Ups - Superman position while flat on your tummy. (Raising your arms and legs off of the ground so you are in a flexing rather than resting position. - Place toes on the ground and hands by your chest. - Push up focusing on your entire body coming off of the ground in unison, rather than chest first followed by hips. - Repeat starting with Superman

4. Curtsy Lunges - Starting with your feet together, step your right foot behind your left. You will not be stepping directly backward. -Focus on going down on your back leg, bringing your right knee near the ground. This will help prevent your left knee from going over your toe. - Back to the starting position and switch legs.

5. Plank Jacks - In a plank position, jump your feet out wide, then bring them back together. - Perform this exercise as fast as you can. - Focus on keeping your tummy muscles tight and breathing throughout the exercise. This is a good alternative when you can't fit in a full workout and need something simple for your home! Have fun crushing it ladies!

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