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The Story Behind RiMEND

I already have 3 kids with one on the way, but I will say that since I started dreaming about RiMEND in the beginning of 2021, it became another baby of mine. A lot of research, planning, prep work, and dreaming went into starting and continuing RiMEND and I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way! It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to create something that is trustworthy, works, and actually helps people!

RiMEMD began with a concerned momma, researching natural ways to help with her daughter's worsening eczema. We first noticed that our daughter, Rory, had eczema in her first year of life. It continued to get worse, even after aggressively exhausting any and all recommended products given to us by doctors, friends, and family. We tried all the normal OTC suggestions along with some BTC options prescribed by her doctor. I was pretty hesitant with all of the ingredients that were in the different products so I started doing my own research.

It's hard on parents when you see your child in physical pain and discomfort. We only want the best for them and for them to always be happy, healthy, and whole. While we can't control everything in their sweet little lives, we can control what goes on and in their precious bodies.

I wanted to find a more natural solution for her that would actually work without all of the harsh chemicals. I stumbled upon tallow, and began to research all of its God-given, natural healing properties.

Within the first use, her flare up began to calm down, and within five days the irritation was barely noticeable. It was, and still is a real-life miracle for our family!

After seeing the progress from using what I whipped up, I couldn’t help but share it! It has not only helped Rory’s eczema, but it is used for a countless number of things!

The heart behind RiMEND is to help other families that have where we have been. People hurting for a natural solution to problems that may randomly show up or have possibly been issues for years. It has already been more than worth the time and energy because we, as a family, no longer have to search the shelves for potential short term toxic solutions for our bodies. We are confident in RiMEND's ability to help and heal a variety of skin issues that our family may face. It has been one of the best preventative measures we have taken beyond what goes inside of our bodies.

I truly think there is beauty in using nature and the different things God has given us on this earth for our health and wellness. RiMEND is something that I can trust not only for myself but for my children and all other children as well. I’m confident in this stuff, so it is my absolute pleasure to share it! I truly hope it blesses everyone that uses it just as it has blessed us💕

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