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2 Simple Steps Towards The “Non-Toxic” Life

I have always been decently healthy in the food and exercise areas of my life, but health goes far beyond just food. We seem to forget and really disregard the things we are bringing into our home, putting on our skin, and breathing in on a daily basis. Your skin will soak up pretty much anything you put on it. Since becoming a mother I have made a point to be more aware of what my family takes in. Whether that be through the air, skin, eating, or drinking.

Like all moms, I want the best for those that are most precious to me. I want them to live long, happy, and healthy lives. I want to contribute to that in all of the ways that I possibly can. Thankfully, with a little bit of research and initiative, we are headed in the right direction! There are a ton of different products out there that are healthy to use. I am biased to a couple and will share them, but to each their own.

Let me tell you a little something about the “ditch and switch.” This basically means ditching the toxic products in your home and switching them out for more natural products. If you are like me, then you are an “all in" kind of person. When I started doing the research, all I wanted to do was throw out everything in my house. My husband thought I was nuts. It can get very overwhelming, so I decided to slowly take the toxic products out of the house and bring in the new ones one area at a time. Cleaning was first. For me, there was an easy and cheap solution. I just switched all of my cleaning products for one simple one. Thieves. It is a YoungLiving product that can be used to clean every inch of your house with different dilution ratios. Very Very EASY. I am a mother so I thrive off of simple. Haha. I thrive off of thieves. That was corny and I’m not sorry. Now I am not wholly holistic by any means. I still borrow clorox every now and then and that is ok! I just really try to use clean products as much as I feel necessary. The next way to attack the toxins are through your different skin care routines. This is a wide range of categories in one, so I would pick a subcategory and just go for it!

The main one for us has been moisturizer. Lotions have so many excess ingredients soak in your body and bloodstream that it is just not worth it to us. After much research, we stumbled upon Tallow. I make our own little whip and it has been a lifesaver for us! To learn more and shop the product click here.

Body wash is another easy swap. Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap in Lavender is a good swap that still has a great scent to it. I am planning to try the YoungLiving version, just haven’t made it that far since I still have soap left.

You can start in many different places, but these were the easiest for me. Now, I am by no means completely non-toxic and I don’t expect to ever really be considering the world we live in, but here are a couple of easy ways to start towards a non-toxic life for yourself and for your family.


Thieves. This stuff is gold. You can literally use it to clean any thing. Young Living sells a bottle of the cleaner and all you do is dilute it to fit the area you are cleaning and viola! It is a natural way to clean and I don’t have to be paranoid about my babies getting into something they shouldn’t.


There are literally so many things, women especially, put on their skin. Face masks, face wash, body wash, lotions, shaving creams, perfumes, and makeup just to name a few… There are plenty of companies out there that have naturally derived products for skincare purposes. Just beware of the companies that claim to be all natural and are actually not. There are a lot of fillers that you may not know of in your products. Research research research. Again, you can shop exactly what we use on ourselves and our children right here! Oh, and YoungLiving has a makeup line now so if you start at makeup keep that in mind!

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