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Essential Oils We Use On The Kiddos



  • This specific blend of oils creates a calming environment when diffused. It can also be applied topically since it is pre diluted. Since Asa is still under one year old, we do still dilute it further with fractionated coconut oil.

  • With the main essential oil being Lavender, Sleepyize promotes a quieting, peaceful aroma conducive to a restful sleep.



  • This blend of oils includes Tangerine, Ginger, and Peppermint. Tummygize naturally comforts upset stomachs through topical application and diffusing in the air. We normally just apply two to three drops directly to the kids bellies when they are having tummy troubles.

  • This blend has definitely help soothe our upset kiddos in the middle of the night and will forever be one we use in our home.



  • This is by far Koan’s favorite blend. He calls it his superhero oil! This blend has a very uplifting and empowering aroma. I normally put this on him when he is having big feelings or feeling sad. Once his superhero oil is on, he is ready to pick himself back up and take on the world! Not that he needs it all of the time, and we make sure to not use it for everything, but it almost acts as our secret weapon!



  • School Time oils! This fresh scent creates a positive and fresh environment, perfect for when focus needs to be the priority. The blend is a combination of 15 different essential oils, specifically formulated for children.

  • My children are toddlers right now, but we still sit and work on counting and ABC’s! Geneyus promotes a joyful and focused learning experience, not only for the child, but parent as well!


KidScents Bath Gel And Lotion

  • The bath gel is a new hyporallergenic formula is enriched with nourishing botanicals for a natural clean on sensitive skin. We have just started using this and so far we are loving it. It has a sweet citrusy scent derived from a few of my favorite oils including Tangerine, Lemon, Kiwi, and Cucumber.

  • The lotion is a new non-greasy formula that nourishes and rehydrates while also being gentle on sensitive skin. It has a sweet citrusy scent like the bath gel, but oat extract is included as well to have a calming effect on your Childs skin.

If you would like to purchase or browse any of the oils listed, click Young Living in the menu tab at the top of the screen!

All of these oils have been prediluted for immediate use. We dilute further on younger children as a precaution since Essential Oils are very potent. Keep out of reach of children as it could be a danger using too much or ingesting the wrong oils.

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