Baby #2 Gender Reveal


It’s a GIRL! I literally cannot believe it. When the tech told us girl, I actually asked how sure she was, to which she responded, “110%!” Wow. A little baby girl. For those curious about her name, I will tell you because I’m obsessed with it. Sky picked it out a long time ago before we were even married. We would always talk about what our future kids names would be and he always said he loves “pretty girl” names. Whatever that means. Pretty much frilly, super girly names is what I got from that. It wasn’t a compromising situation either. It is so crazy though that the name I have always loved will be her nickname since it went so well with Sky’s name pick!

Drum roll please..

badabdbabdbababdba (if that’s how you type a drum roll)

Aurora Kay! aka Rory Kay! #obsessed

We are over the moon excited for Rory to join our perfect little family on the outside world. Until then, she will be cooking for another five and a half months give or take a little. Her official due date is May 3, 2019! So pumped!

It has been such a fun couple of years, growing my little man and then watching him grow and learn on his own in his first earth-side year of life. He is the most sweet-hearted, beautifully kind little boy I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I cannot wait to watch him be the best big brother to Rory! My heart will probably melt more than it already has!

On a serious note, every child is a gift. It is crazy to even fathom, but God handpicked these two precious babies for me to mother and for Sky and I to shape their beautiful little souls. This is a task I will never take lightly and will forever be grateful for<3