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Owlet Smart Sock - Review

What exactly is it?

I first looked into the Owlet right after my first baby was born. No one in my family had ever used it before so it was pretty foreign to me. The only thing I had ever considered using was a video and sound monitor in the nursery so I could hear and see Koan. Every situation is different, and so is every child. I quickly realized for my peace of mind and mental health, I needed something a little extra.

The back story if you haven’t read any of Koan’s month-to-month updates from his first year. At three weeks old we noticed something was definitely off with Koan’s breathing. He was making horrible loud noises with every breath also. As a new mother is was quite concerning. I didn’t know what was normal and what wasn’t, so like any new momma would, I took him to his pediatrician. It’s so funny because any concern and symptom that I ever want to point out to the kid’s doctor seems to magically disappear as soon as we get there. Is it just me or does that happen with your kids too? Anyway, he was fine at the doctor’s office. Looked perfectly healthy. The problem was, at home, his chest was contracting with his inhales to the point I could see his rib cage. He wasn’t turning blue at the lips so I knew he was getting enough oxygen.

I wasn’t sleeping. I was obsessively watching him all of the time trying to make sure he was ok. At some point during his third week of life, his throat started contracting also. I immediately called our family and off to the Children’s hospital we went.

After an x-ray and an appointment with an ENT doctor, we found he had Laryngomalacia. It is fairly common and is normally the cause of noisy breathing in babies. Koan just had a moderate to a severe case of it. Laryngomalacia simply put is floppy airways. When the baby breaths in, the part of the larynx above the vocal cords flops over the airways temporarily.

The day after we found out what was going on with sweet Ko-Bear, my mom bought the Owlet for him. She found it online and it has been a lifesaver not only for my babies but for my mental health. The very first night of use, I slept like a baby. I could check Koan’s oxygen and heart rate stats on my phone and could even see when he was wiggling! There were a couple of times it alerted me when his oxygen was low and I would have to turn him on his side for him to breathe properly. I have used it for all three of my babies now, upgrading to the new owlet 2 when Rory was born, and have since used it with Asa!

If you are having a baby soon, already have a baby, or know someone about to have a baby. Do them and yourself a favor and buy the Owlet Smart Sock. You will get a lot more sleep than you normally would with a newborn, and will have peace of mind for the times you don’t have constant eyes on your child. I would always call it my night nurse! Watching over my baby when I cannot. It truly is a life-savor and I have no negative reports about it!

I have listed some of the features, uses, and cautions for the Owlet Sock Monitor below! If you would like to purchase, I have attached some links at the end. I do receive a small commission from the links provided.<3


Key Features

-monitors from a distance -monitors heart rate -uses pulse oximetry -sends various alerts for disconnection(blue), sock adjustment(yellow), warning(red). The warning indicates a low oxygen reading or a high or low heart rate.

Easy To Use

-easy to wash -comfy -grows with baby. There are three sock sizes so the owlet can comfortably fit babies foot throughout their growth.


- False alarms I have never had false alarms sent, but I have read others stories about them. Personally I would rather a false alarm than no alarm at all.


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