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My Hair Training Experience

I have never been one to wash my hair every day. The most I would normally wash it would be around 3 times a week. It honestly makes me a tad anxious taking forever to do my hair, so the whole “washing, drying, styling” over and over again gets old quickly.

Ever since becoming a mother, I have looked for ways to free up time and save some energy wherever I could. In many ways, I like to consider myself minimalistic. For example, a clean and decluttered home brings me joy. It is not always that way (three under three), but I do like it to be. Anyway, a big thing that has made my life more simple is cutting back on washing my hair. Besides the fact that it saves me so much time and energy, it is actually better for your hair to wash it less. “Cough Cough,” or so I’ve read…

Shampooing strips the natural oils from your hair and trains it to produce more oil, more frequently. So, logically, if I want to go longer between washes, I have to train it to produce the oil less frequently. I know it sounds disgusting, but I can go 7-10 days between washes now. My hair feels healthier, longer, and when styled, has more volume than ever.

How do you go about training hair you ask?

I came across Jasmine Rae Hair Co’s Instagram page where she has highlights saved on how to train your hair amongst various other highlights. She is so known for hair training, that she goes by The Hair Queen! I love her even more since I relate to the motherhood side of her page!

Finally, If you have super oily hair and have to wash your hair every day to every couple of days, you should try this. Even pushing your hair washing day back a day or two will change your life! I am one to enjoy long baths and showers, but now, that shower time is not spent rinsing and repeating. Toodles friends!


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