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Spiced Chai Exfoliant

Spiced Chai Exfoliant

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This spicy blend of essential oils not only smells like fall, but can be a perfect remedy for the dry and dull skin! With Cinnamon Bark's natural astringent and toning capablilities, coupled with Nutmeg's anti-inflammatory properties, Spiced Chai is sure to be a seasonal favorite! To complete the blend, Clove was added for its potential to reduce the sagging of skin and lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All of this and more when unrefined cane sugar is added to the mix to create an aromic exfoliant that will fall perfectly into your skincare routine.


I like to use Spiced Chai exfoliant a couple times a week to rid my skin of dirt and dead skin cells. Using this before the Spiced Chai lather blend can remove the buildup from the day, allowing tallow and essential oils to go into the deepest layers of the skin and give all of the great qualities they have to offer.


Not recommended for use near the eyes due to essential oils in product. Not recommended for kids or pregnant women. Diluted at a 2% dilution ratio.

Store this product in room tempurature. During the warmer months, we cold pack our products to help prevent the possibility of the product melting during the shipping process. If you happen to receive your product and it is melted or partially melted, don't worry! To bring it back to life, refrigerate until it has solidified, and then whip it with a hand mixer until it reaches your desired consistency. Please note that even if the product melts, it does not effect the integrity of the ingredients, and you are still getting all of the great benefits RiMEND has to offer.

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