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Made with the powerhouse essential oil Lavender, along with the moisutizing properties of extra-virgin olive oil, this blend aids in the healing and nourishment of the skin. Aurora lather is the original blend made to use on our daughter's ezcema. The healing properties of tallow, coupled with the other natural ingredients in this product helped to soothe and calm the inflamation on her legs.


Different ways I like to use Aurora lather include, but are not limited to: makeup remover, acne relief, soothe skin irritations, night cream, sunburn care, aftershave cream, insect bite relief, diaper rash cream, and more. 


Not recommended for use near the eyes due to essential oils in product.

Store this product in room tempurature. During the warmer months, we cold pack our products to help prevent the possibility of the product melting during the shipping process. If you happen to receive your product and it is melted or partially melted, don't worry! To bring it back to life, refrigerate until it has solidified, and then whip it with a hand mixer until it reaches your desired consistency. Please note that even if the product melts, it does not effect the integrity of the ingredients, and you are still getting all of the great benefits RiMEND has to offer.

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