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why I decided to do the blog thing

Backstory: I graduated college in December and moved to Florida with my husband. In January I started my own personal training business and then February we found out I was pregnant. Not. Planned. At. All. I was happy about it and had joked about wanting a baby soon, but when it happened I just didn't feel like it was the right time. I didn't tell that to anyone, it was just what I was feeling. Of course, it gradually turned into the right time.

My passion is to motivate women to be the best version of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. I thought that for me, to help women realize how magnificent they actually are, I had to train and meet with them in person. My other passion is for motherhood. So, when I got pregnant I was torn. I have always wanted to keep my babes at home with me for as long as we felt that's what was best for our family. I didn't want to have to leave them with someone for hours and hours a day while I had to work. I started reading a lot of blogs. Blogs about motherhood. Blogs about lifestyle and fitness. After a few months, blogging was just in my heart and mind all the time. I saw the bigger picture of what blogging can do. The internet can reach far more women than I alone can in person. While I still want to do a little training in the future, I felt that encouraging through writing was a good way to go while also being a stay at home momma to my littles.

So my goal is complete openness. I will be open about how we live, do things, and how we are figuring things out along the way! I would love back and forth comments, emails, and dms. Questions for me are welcomed, I may even have questions for you! I want to document my family's life through inspiring words and pictures. I want to share reviews and experiences for different products I think actually work and I actually use. I want to give tips, life hacks, and words of encouragement. I hope to expand the community of women speaking life, joy, and motivating each other to better ourselves every day!

These are the reasons I created this blog. I hope you find your motivation and purpose today:)


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This is a space created with the hope to connect and inspire others on topics related to motherhood and wellness, while also documenting some fun/messy aspects of our life.

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