Koan - Month 9

Bubba is 9 months old! I cannot believe it! He is less than 3 months away from being a year old and I'm honestly am just constantly crying over newborn pictures. I feel like this is normal and not at all pathetic.... 


So this month Koan has started liking more foods. Pretty exciting, and messy... We have moved from 2 feedings a day to 3-4. That is with real foods not breastfeeding. We are still breastfeeding 4-6 times a day depending on his mood. Again, I love it and hope he doesn't want to wean anytime soon! Back to real foods. He still loves avocados and likes baby snack foods. I normally get him the baby puffs and melts. Really, the melts are for me though.. Anyone else guilty of eating their baby's melts?


Big news. Koan finally said dada! He said it while we were in Louisiana and Skyler was still in Florida. I honestly believe it was because he recognized his daddy wasn't around and missed him! It was literally the sweetest thing when he said it on facetime to Sky! Oh my gosh, this mama melted.


We are just loving life and trying to savor all of these sweet moments with our sweet baby boy<3