Koan - Month 8

8 months. The most joyful 8 months of our lives! Gosh, Koan is literally the best baby in the world. The only time he fusses is when he is overtired or over hungry. He gets so happy and excited I swear you can see him smiling from the back of his head! It is pretty freaking adorable if I say so myself!


I feel like we hit a huge milestone this month! Koan crawled! Yep, that's right. Little man is on the move! Now that he knows what to do, it is all he wants to do! I'm not complaining though. I love it! I really love it when he crawls to me for me to pick him up. It melts my bleeding mama heart for sure.


He is still uninterested in food. He will try what I have on my plate, but it still ends with a gag depending on texture. Purees it is. He will get there though. Slow and steady wins the race am I right?
Bubba is so close to saying dada! I know that is not that big of a deal and he already said mama, but gosh there is something about a dad and his son. So so so sweet. One of my favorite things in the world is watching Skyler spend time with Koan. The way his face lights up when he is with his daddy is breathtaking! (heart eyes)


What an amazing gift it is to watch Koan discover the world and see the wonder on his face<3